Goals = Reality?

The best part of doing what I do is talking about it. Hearing that people enjoy it, or that I changed the way they think about something. Sure I love shooting and editing, but the real thrill for me comes from other people seeing my work... Which makes what I'm about to do exciting, yet terrifying for me.

A week ago I was contacted by an organization and asked if I would show my work in Awareness at several gallery events over a year long period. Why is that scary? Because printing is expensive. Because it's a gallery. There's people out there who are capable of doing things much better than me... But should it really matter? I love what I do. Other people enjoy it, and I've made a lot of art that has really made people question how they view certain things... To me that's a massive thing.

For anyone reading this: Wish me luck! And thank you for the constant support!