Jordon LeMay

Six years ago a friend allowed me to use their camera and I was instantly hooked and knew that this was what I wanted to do. Early on in photography I started doing self-portraits as an advocate for mental health.  I found it really boosted my confidence. As time went on I eventually realized I could use photography to help boost other people’s self-esteem. I started to focus my photography on the promotion of positive body images and anti-bullying. Eventually this turned into a full on campaign against the social "norm". The hope is that through photography I can help others feel more comfortable with their self-image and in turn their self-esteem will build. I am hopeful that the focus of my art can help people to start feel good about themselves. A lot of emphasis is placed on the concept  of nude art for this reason. I also really enjoy work in the area of basic portraiture.

The reason I've chosen to focus on nude/implied photography is its simplicity. When you take away the glitter and sparkle from people, you see them in their most vulnerable, honest, and beautiful state. I just want to spend my life capturing that.


In 2016 I would like to focus on publication, as well as practicing new techniques.